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Pimpolho is a Brazilian company dedicated to the development of kids and babies' shoes aiming at the welfare, protection and growth of children from 0 to 3 years.

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Technology and Design

Pimpolho products design is developed by a team of expert designers that are in permanent tuned with the new trends pointed out by national and international markets, by means of the technical research of new materials, styles and trends.

In the stage of the production of shoes, everything is made with soft, light and flexible materials in order to offer total comfort for the children. Do not spare any efforts to provide to the little ones all comfort and well-being combined security and freedom of movement.

The toys and children’s accessories that, along with the shoes, make up the mix of products marketed by Pimpolho are also items that provide total satisfaction to the kids.

With this purpose, Pimpolho uses always the highest technology and strict quality control. Pimpolho products have a ISO 9001 quality certificate issued by the Quality Management System (SGQ), a IBTeC (Brazilian Institute of Leather, Footwear and Artifacts) seal and all toys are certified by Inmetro. Guarantee of safety for babies and tranquility for moms.


Pimpolho is present not only in Brazilian homes. It´s in the house of babies all over the world. Completely adapted to the requirements of the international market, the company exports its products since 1995 and already reaches more than 44 countries and the numbers that grow each year revealing the dimension of the potential and the size of Pimpolho.

To In order to meet the market demands with excellence, the export products are adequated to the requirements of each country, strictly complying with required documentation, labels and certificates. More than that, Pimpolho seeks to understand all the cultural and seasonal differences of each country to its products are exported.

The company also provides overseas customers the facility of receiving the goods at their door, even with the absence of a local distributor. This is because the company counts on operational support in all borders of Brazil and logistical support by sea, air and land. Thus, the customer can track his shoes production until delivery at final destination.

All this to in order to ensure that our customers have the best service, regardless of they are. Now you already know: even if you are any in the world, you can give more comfort and well-being for your baby. Just get in touch with us.

Social Responsability

Pimpolho has a performance which, above all, excels on the quality of their products, but does not waive their social role. Aware that companies, regardless of their size and segment, are agents of development, Pimpolho takes part in initiatives of corporate social responsibility.

Besides the partnership with the Associação Capixaba Contra o Câncer Infantil (Acacci; the Espírito Santo State Association Against Infantile Cancer), Pimpolho also performs actions skewed towards the promotions of our employee’s health. The campaign against cervical and breast cancer is an example. With it, the employees of the company undergo consultation and examination and, should any irregularity be detected, they are referred to a specialist.

The company also takes part in the Programa Menor Aprendiz (the Minor Apprentice Program), launched by the Federal Government, through which adolescents take part in courses at the Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial (Senai-ES; the National Service for Industrial Apprenticeship – State of Espírito Santo)

And, as it would be natural to be, Pimpolho invests on the personal and professional development of its employees with trainings and technical courses. The company also fosters the voluntary service, conducting campaigns for the sake of charity institutions, particularly those that are located in the region the company is present.

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VOGUE Brazil
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